Vernon's Steel is your go-to destination for an extensive range of top-tier products meticulously curated to cater to every aspect of your construction, fencing, concreting, roofing, hardware, and climate control needs.

Steel Selections

Discover an expansive range of steel products catering to diverse needs. From RHS, SHS, Pipes, Rods, and Bars to Checker Plate/Sheets, Angles, Channels/Universal Beams, Mesh, Stainless, Aluminium, Flat Mild Steel, Downgrade, Base Plates, Shaft, Hollow Bar, and Chain, our steel inventory is designed to meet your project demands, big or small.

● Square hollow Section
● Rectagular hollow sections
● Pipe
● Plate
● Checker plate
● Rod & Bar
● Angle Sections
● Flat mild steel
● PFC Chanel
● Retainer wall UC
● Universal beam
● Expanda Mesh
● Stainless
● Aluminium
● Allthread
● Round Shaft
● Square Shaft
● Plain Rod & Y Bar
● Hollow Bar
● Downgrade Square Hollow Sections, Rectangular Hollow sections and Pipe
● Gripsan catwalk
● Lintels

Livestock & Farm Fencing

Ensure your livestock and farm security with our specialised fencing solutions. Choose from Portable Panels, Gates, W Straps, Sheepyard Mesh, Stay Stiff Fencing, Star Posts, and Strainer Posts, Gate Fittings, and 3-way Drafting Races and Loading Ramps to create durable and functional farm enclosures.

● Livestock fencing – portable cattle and sheep panels, PA Gates, drafting races, loading ramps.
● Sheep yard Mesh
● Heavy cattle yard mesh
● Chainwire
● W strap
● Handy mesh
● Gates
● Gate fittings
● Oval Cattle Rail
● Fencing wires
● Rural fencing – stay stiff, strainer posts, plain and barbed wire.
● Netting
● Star Posts
● Aluminium pool fencing
● Domestic Fencing

Concreting Supplies

Lay a solid foundation with our concreting supplies. Explore Reo Mesh, Trench Mesh, and Industrial Mesh along with Concreters Plastic and Concrete Chairs to ensure the strength and stability of your concrete work.

● Weldmesh
● Chairs
● Plastic
● Aspros
● Trench Mesh
● Industrial mesh
● Fillet
● Construction joints
● Haight pins
● Duct Tape
● N and Z Bar
● Dowls

Roofing Essentials

Protect your property with quality roofing essentials. Find Purlins, Battens, Top Hat, Corrugated Iron, Flashings, Purlin Cleats, Guttering, and Accessories to build a robust and weather-resistant roof structure.

● C section purlins
● Top Hat
● Roofing Iron
● Gutters and downpipes
● Roll top ridge cap
● Gutter hardware
● Made to order Flashing
● C and Z Purlins
● Tek screws
● Pop rivets
● Colorbond

Hardware Haven

Our hardware section is a treasure trove of essentials. Explore Dyna Bolts, Scru Bolts, Cup Head Bolts, Tek Screws, Hex Head Bolts, All Thread, Hold Down Bolts, Grinding and Cut Off Wheels, Welding Wire and Rods, Gal Max Spray Paint, Plastic and Steel Post Caps, Industrial Door Fittings, and Rigi Flooring – everything you need for your project under one roof.

● Pipe caps
● RHS Caps
● Chainwire hardware
● Cut off and grinding wheels
● Weld on hinges
● Chain
● Welding wire and rods
● Spray Paint
● Hold down bolts
● Dyna Bolts
● Scru Bolts
● Teck Screws
● Hex head bolts
● Cup head bolt and nuts
● Base plates
● Purlin cleats
● General purpose brackets
● Stump adjusters

Cooling & Heating Solutions

Stay comfortable year-round with our cooling and heating options. Choose from Breezair, Braemar, Coolair Units, spare parts, ducting, adaptors, outlets for cooling, and wood heating options like Jindara, Coonara, Arrow, Heat Charm, and spare parts including bricks, baffle plates, flues, and glass replacements for those colder months.

● Breezair, Braemar and Coolair evaporative Air conditioners
● Air conditioner parts – pulleys, floats, belts, pupms, motors, control boxes
● Woodwool and celdek Air conditioner pads
● Arrange and manage installation of Air Conditioner
● Air conditioner ducting, outlets, adapters and dropper boxes
● Wood heaters from Jindara, coonara, aarow, heat charm, moroso
● Flues, heater bricks and baffle plates
● Arrange your Heater install

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